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Detail from Self Portrait - Click on Image to Enlarge
Detail from Self Portrait - Click on Image to Enlarge

1Roy Starke

Birthday: 10.04.1954

City of birth: Johannesburg

City: Pretoria



Quilter (SAQG)

RSA Champion: Best of Show 1988, 1989, 1991

International Exhibitions: Michigan (USA), Perth, Carolina (USA), London, Paris, San Fransico, Cape Town, Japan


Permanent Collections

Michigan State University Museum

Pretoria Art Museum (Arcadia)

History and Culture Museum Pretoria

DENOSA (Emblem Quilt International Conference Hall Pretoria)

Tatum Gallery Pietermaritzburg KZN


Private Collections

 Prof. Chris Lambrecht

Gina Nebel

Rene Mulders

Dr. Steven Edwards

Hannes Du Plessis

Almaro Malan

Pierre Du Plessis

Engela Pialat

Charl Lambrecht

Roy Kennedy

Odette Tolksdorf



Favourite leisure activity:
Classic Music

Favourite TV-Show:
Do not watch TV

Favourite books:
Do not read much these days!


Favourite music:

Favourite drink:
Red Wine

Favourite meal:

Favourite country for traveling:
The World

Favourite quotes:
"I do not create art for the washing machine"

Roy Starke